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Raymundo Soto

Raymundo Soto

Organisation & IT Solutions

Amin Fazlani

Amin Fazlani

Digital Business Management

Helmut Miklas

Helmut Miklas


What is SFM?

SFM is an abbreviation for Security, Finance, Marketing, key success factors for the small and medium enterprise. We guide you through the process of optimising your company or NGO through open source consulting so you can concentrate in what is most important: generating new ideas and creating innovative products. We also provide consulting through online meetings!

Business plan

We help you create and optimise your business plan and to formulate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)


We generate custom-tailored strategies to successfully position your brand, firm or organisation

IT Security

We help you implement simple but efficient measures to protect your and your clients' data

Organisational structure

We help you build your organisation from scratch to guarantee it a prosperous future

Information technologies

We support you in choosing your IT solutions and guide you through their implementation

Organisational development

Our process optimisation and personnel development ensure your efficiency and profitability

Our marketing partner

Taramona Werbeagentur

We also provide consulting through online meetings using Zoom
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